Can you speak ML?

Think you know your BFN from BFP? Ever meet a SAHM or WOHM you didn’t like? Well, let’s see. Decode the Mommy Lingo and see if you’re savvy in the MMB lingo that plagues every mom, whether you’re a TTC, NP, a FTPM, or simply PP. Um, what? Exactly.

01 LO

My LO is 8 months and won’t sleep. How do I survive?

02 BLW

Starting BLW and am confused… do I still offer milk? When? How?

03 RxPNV

Washing my tiny RxPNV down with a green smoothie. #SeriouslyHealthy

04 BD

Hubby and I started BD! Looking forward to a busy few weeks.

05 NAK

NAKing Like. A. Boss.


Tried for 3 months, decided to try PUTB, and bam! Preggo.

07 OPK

Can an OPK find out if I’m pregnant or just when I should be trying?

You got 0 out of 7 correct!

Decode the mystery:

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Decode the mystery:

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Way to go you!


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