Rx prenatal vitamins can be for every woman for every stage of pregnancy, from TTC to PP.

RxPNV is #MommyLingo for prescription prenatal vitamins, an easy to get, easy to take, super beneficial alternative to the gazillion of choices for over-the-counter prenatal horse pills from the drugstore.

Now, while you may have the lingo down, do you have the facts down?

Prescription prenatal vitamins can be for every woman, in every stage of pregnancy—whether just beginning to think about starting a family, actively trying, newly pregnant, very pregnant (hello, week 39!), or even after baby has arrived. Healthy pregnancies can benefit from taking a prescription prenatal vitamin. Yes! That means you, preggo mommy! No special cases needed. Nothing to decode.

Prescription prenatal vitamins are packed with essential ingredients to promote a healthy pregnancy, even containing higher levels than over-the-counter prenatals in things like folic acid, which is super important for growing babies. Didn’t know that? That’s okay, ten minutes ago you didn’t know what LO (Little One, as in a child) was and now you do. We won’t hold it against you. We’re just happy to help.

Now is the time to talk to your healthcare provider about prescription prenatal vitamins. Find out today how easy, beneficial and awesome taking a prescription prenatal vitamin can be for you and your growing baby.

Now that you know about RXPNV, can you speak ML?